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Weekend news roundup: Intel reveals low-power Silvermont chip design,


US probes IBM over bribery claims



In our round-up of some of the top tech stories from the weekend, Intel’s ‘Silvermont’ chip design focuses on mobile, the US Justice Department is investigating IBM over bribery allegations, and Zynga looks to Farmville 2 to turn its fortunes around.

Intel unveils low-power mobile chip design

Intel has revealed the latest in its arsenal to compete in the mobile space, a new low-power chip architecture, AllThingsD reported.

‘Silvermont’ focuses on devices like tablets and smartphones. Such mobile devices’ limitations on battery life require system-on-a-chip specifications made with energy efficiency in mind.

The design incorporates Intel’s ‘tri-gate’ 3-D transistor technology, which essentially lets the company create smaller, faster processors which can perform at a lower voltage with less power leakage.

Intel claims an improvement of about five times lower power consumption over its current Atom core mobile chips, with three times more peak performance.

U.S. Justice Department probes IBM over bribery allegations

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating IBM over corruption claims in several European and Asian countries, according to a government document, ZDNet reported.

In IBM’s latest 10-Q filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), further bribery charges are being added to the ones it already faces from the SEC over its activities in China and South Korea.

The new investigation pertains to allegations of corruption in Argentina, Bangladesh, Poland, and Ukraine.

The April 30 filing reveals IBM is being investigated to see whether or not it violates the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), which makes it illegal under U.S. law to bribe foreign government officials to win business, even if the acts are not committed on US soil.

IBM said it is co-operating with the justice department on the investigation.

Zynga’s gameplan relies on FarmVille 2, says CEO

Social-gaming company Zynga is turning to its game FarmVille 2 to revive its ailing operation, CNET reported.

Zynga’s revenue jumped to US$1.2bn in 2012, but losses continue to mount.

A key component to the turnaround plan is to give FarmVille players the same experience on mobile as on desktop.

“The ideal is to make that one seamless experience between web and mobile so you can take your farming experience from work to home,” Zynga CEO Mark Pincus told Reuters. “We’re having to retool and reinvent around our process and technology.”

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