5. Other Internet applications



Who is using Facebook?

                                         94% of people surveyed are

Image Facebook users. Everybody from small to medium to large multi national businesses is using the current biggest social media platform to target their customer. Companies use Facebook in different way shapes and forms. Some use advertising in the ‘banner’ on the right hand side of the screen:



Where does Facebook stand on the social media rankings?

Facebook is currently in first place in the social media ranking with according to the Social Times Facebook has 7012.9 million visitors every month.


What are Facebook demographic users?

60% of Facebook account users are men while 40% are women social networkers. 11% of Facebook’s users are in the 12-17year old age bracket, 29% of people are 18-25, 23% are 26-34, 18% 35-44, 12% are 45-54 years old while 7% of users are over 55 years old 



Who is using Present Me?

Present Me is a really easy way to record and share your presentations using a website. Present me is ranked 269,467 globally according to Alexa.com.  It is a free website and is used for education purposes, in the business world, for personal uses such as making CV’s demonstrating “me in two minutes”. Here is an article about Richard Garnett co-founder of Present Me discussing things like how long did it take to create present me, future plans and who is the team working behind present me and how did you all meet.

Here is a link to a recent present me presentation I complied as part of my course work in the communications Model on the online scam, commonly known as Phishing.



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